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Learn Medicare Billing for PT, OT, SLP

Everything you wish you learned in school about billing Medicare, documentation, and growing a private practice.

Imagine earning $100,000 per year delivering 20 patient visits a week on your own terms.

Price – $499 Lifetime Access

What’s Included

Learn LIVE with me, Anthony Maritato, PT. Each module taught LIVE on Zoom.

Unlock LIFETIME access to all replays and invitations to all future LIVE train.

This course includes all the documents you will need to start treating Medicare beneficiaries.

INSTANT access! As soon as you join you may start watching replays of past LIVE training.

Buy one pass and train anyone on your team. Send your new hires to LIVE trainings. 

Live email Support. I am available to review rejected or denied claims.

Your Steps Away from Realizing Your DREAMS!

My guess is you did not go to school to learn how to work for insurance companies. You wanted to help people and the best way for you to do that is work learn how to work for yourself.

Course Overview

Taught LIVE Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 9PM EST. New cohort starts LIVE the first Tuesday of each month.

Price – $499 Lifetime Access

Module 1 – Overview of the future and how your business plays a role in achieving your dreams.

Module 2 – How to admit a Medicare beneficiary. This includes varifying coverage online, admitting your patient into a billing system, scheduling, and compliance.

Module 3 – How to create a Medicare compliant claim using the CMS 1500 and your software of choice. This includes creating your fee schedule, establishing your self pay rates, and understand prompt pay discounts.

Module 4 – Posting Medicare and other third party payer payments into your accounting software. Reconcile accounts. Generate invoices or refunds, and reading insurance statements.

Module 5 – Billing for Out of Network and Non-Medicare plans. This includes Medicare Advantage plans. This module includes balance billing, accepting assignment, and the No Surprise Act.

Module 6 – Advanced Beneficiary Notice and Bringing it all together. Full walk through each step in the process and graduation!

Module 7 – Terminology, Certification, Medical Necessity, Maintenance Therapy

Module 8 – Documentation Part 1: Evaluation, Plan of Care, Progress Reports, Treatment Notes.

Module 9 – Marketing and Growing Your Practice

Price – $499 Lifetime Access

Zero to Paid Medicare Billing Course – $499

Zero to Paid Medicare Billing Course – $499

Everything you need to know about Medicare part B billing for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists.

If you have been thinking about starting a brick and mortar private practice, mobile practice, or side hustle, this course will provide you with the tools and confidence to get started.

Lifetime access $499

This content is for Zero to Paid - Learn Medicare Billing for PT, OT, SLP and Zero to Paid Medicare Billing Course | PLUS Medicare Contracting members only.
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