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In this article, I will share my recommendations for choosing the best lightweight portable massage table for mobile physical therapy service providers.

Best Lightweight Portable Massage Table for Physical Therapy Criteria

  1. Specifications: Weight, Height, Length, Width, Capacity
  2. Assembly and Adjustments
  3. Cost


Master Massage 30″ Coronado Pro Massage Table

Weight 34-lbs
Table Top Width 30-inches
Table Length 84-inches
Height Adjustable 24-inches to 34-inches
Foam Top Thickness 3-inches
Body Weight Capacity 750-lbs

Master Massage 30" Coronado Pro Massage Table in Royal Blue

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Assembly and Adjustments

This lightweight portable massage table is a favorite of mobile physical therapists because of its adjustability. 

The height is adjustable between a 24-inch and 34-inch table height.

For most mobile therapists, once the table is set to your preferred height it doesn’t change. 

* Tip: I can tell you from actual experience using this adjustable table and similar tables, that if I know that I am going to be working with a shorter patient who has difficulty climbing up on the table, I will either bring a small step stool or I will lower the table to the lowest setting.

A standard chair height is 19-inches. So even at the lowest setting of 24-inches, this table may be challenging for short or less mobile patients.


I have seen lightweight portable massage tables ranging in cost from $100 to $1,000 or more.

A mobile physical therapist or occupational therapist treating Medicare beneficiaries in the home or self-pay clients should be averaging $125 to $250 reimbursement per treatment.

Investing $350 to $600 on a lightweight portable massage table should pay for itself within a single new patient plan of care.

When ordering directly from the Master website you are eligible for the Master 30-Day No Hassle Return Policy offers a level of safety against table failure. If you are not fully satisfied for any reason within 30-days of purchase, Master will issue a full refund.  

When ordering from Amazon or Walmart you will need to independently verify their return policy. As of the publish date of this article, Amazon does not offer a return or refund unless the item is damaged or defective upon arrival.

Tips for Mobile Physical Therapists

Tip 1. Buy a Table Cart

Master Massage Universal Foldable Table Cart Fitsup To 32", BlackMaster Massage Universal Foldable Table Cart Fitsup To 32″, Black

This is a great option for any mobile physical therapist who will need to carry a treatment table greater than 100 feet.

Even though this is called a lightweight portable massage table, we know that lugging around this bulky and awkward 34-lbs table can get hard.

When I was doing outpatient physical therapy visits in the home, I would often bring this table and cart to the front door, and depending on the neighborhood, I would decide to leave the table outside or in the foyer of the home until I determined I would need it.

More recently in my career, I have replaced my lightweight portable massage table with this portable massage chair.

I have found that patients with conditions like spinal stenosis, cervical or shoulder pain, and even IT Band issues respond really well to a massage chair.

Many of my patients are not comfortable getting on a traditional massage table. They have not been sleeping in supine or prone for more than a decade, and these massage chairs allow me full access to all levels of the spine while allowing my client to feel comfortable and supported in a forward-leaning position.

Anthony Maritato

Anthony Maritato

Physical Therapist / Author

I have been a licensed physical therapist since 2006 and a physical therapy private practice owner since 2002. In that time I have opened more than 12 physical therapy clinic locations and purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment. I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to patient care and a premium patient experience.