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Most of us start a physical therapy private practice because we believe we can deliver a better patient care experience, earn more money, and enjoy the time freedom of owning a business.

Creating a physical therapy business organizational chart is the first step in realizing that goal.

Physical Therapy Business Organizational Chart Structure

The most basic org board will have 4 main departments:

  1. Administrative
  2. Clinical
  3. Marketing
  4. Finance

How to Start an Organizational Board

Even if you are the only person in your new business, having an organizational board (Org Board) is vital to building the bones of your business.

If you have aspirations to sell your business in the future or pass it down to someone else, having an org board is a must!

Step 1 – Make a List

Start creating a list of everything you do in a typical day.

  1. Unlock the front door
  2. Turn on the lights
  3. Turn on the computers
  4. Check voicemail in the morning
  5. Review the day’s schedule and make adjustments
  6. Return phone calls from voicemails
  7. Schedule new patients
  8. Confirm new patient appointments
  9. Check new patient benefits
  10. etc.

Step 2 – Create a Procedure for each Activity on the List

Once you have a comprehensive list of everything you do in a day, start to create a procedure for each activity.

These procedures should be a step by step guide that will allow someone who has no idea what to do to complete the activity without additional direction to a level of objective satisfaction.

Objective satisfaction means for example “The lights will be turned on 100% of the time 15-minutes or more before the first patient is walking in the door.”

Objective satisfaction means having a number or threshold that can be satisfied without a required level of interpretation. 

An example of a procedure would be:

Checking Voicemail – To check voicemail in the clinic, have a pen and the daily chargesheet ready.

Document the time you are checking voicemails on the daily chargesheet before picking up the telephone reciever and dialing *992 on the front desk telephone.

Once you hear the prompt for checking new messages press 3.

Document the time of message, name of caller, telephone number of caller, and message at the bottom of the daily chargesheet along with your initials indicating you were the person taking the message.

Objective Performance Measure:

Voicemail must be checked no later than 7:45 AM Monday throught Friday.

Step 3 – Test Your Procedure

Next you will want to test your physical therapy business procedures by asking a friend or family mamber who does not know what you want done to follow your procedure and complete the task.

There are likely steps you have missed and you will see it that when they follow your procedure.

Use this information to refine your procedure then create a procedure manual for future reference.

Breakdown Each Part of A Physical Therapy Business Organizational Board

Administrative Org Board Division

This section will include, but is not limited to:

  • All things related to incoming/outgoing communications by phone, mail, email, fax, etc.
  • Scheduling new patients and follow up patient visits
  • Scheduling staffing and vacations
  • Over the counter payment collection and in-clinic payments
  • Creating new patient accounts and new patient admissions
  • Creating chargesheets and entering daily charge information
  • Completing patient discharge audits before closing accounts
  • Handling cancelations and reschedules

Clinical Org Board Division

This section will include, but is not limited to:

  • Delivery of patient care
  • Documentation
  • Completing patient outcome measures
  • Home exercise programs
  • Patient specific physician communication

Marketing Org Board Division

This section will include, but is not limited to:

  • Social media marketing
  • Print media marketing
  • Physician outreach
  • Personal branding
  • Email marketing


Finance Org Board Division

This section will include, but is not limited to:

  • Managing bank accounts
  • Managing credit cards
  • Managine loans
  • Cash flow
  • Accounts recievable
  • Accounts payable


How to Create A Physical Therapy Business Organizational Chart

I have always used Microsoft Excel or Goolge Sheets to create my physical therapy business organizational chart.

You may also choose to use or other graphic editors. is a website that will help you create more complex organizational charts.

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