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Highly Profitable Blog Posts – Done in 20-Minutes or Less

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Income

Creating highly profitable blog posts while working a full-time job as a physical therapist can be challenging.

The best system I have found for creating consistent content is to do it in response to specific patient questions.

For example, if a patient asks you about bedside commodes, you could create a blog post like this one by Anna Anderson, OT at

* In the rest of this article, I share my detailed review and feedback of what Anna might consider doing to improve the quality and reach of her blog post.

Blog post review and recommendations:

Dear Anna,

The first thing is this post is overall great!!! Congratulations on getting it done. 1200+ words, awesome topic, original photos, original content. I LOVE It!

Now the feedback you can use to turn this into a highly profitable blog post.


How to Choose a Compelling Title


Headline: In order to choose a compelling headline you must first understand search intent. 

A headline that gets the clinic is a headline that solves the searcher’s problem.

If someone is searching for the best place to buy a 3-in-1 commode then a headline talking about why you should buy a commode won’t solve the problem.

Start your headline search with “I need to…” then the words or phrase that follows will be your headline.

 “I need to” Buy the Best Bedside Commode in 2021

“I need to” Find the Cheapest Bedside Commode

“I need to” Buy a Self Cleaning, Odor Free, Bedside Commode 


Understanding Google’s E-A-T

Establish EAT: Add your OT license number to the bottom where your photo is. Link to the OT State Board License lookup to confirm your license is active. This establishes your E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness.)

Below is a video from Neil Patel explaining how Google’s EAT works.


Monetization and Readability


Monetization with Clarity: Do you have a Clarity profile? It would be perfect to add that to this page as a way for people to pay to ask you questions.

Internal Linking: We need internal links to your other articles. Ideally, you would mention some related content within this article referencing a different one of your articles. Then you would link the two pages.


Readability and Formatting


Readability: Break up your paragraphs. Look at other really successful blogs. 1 or 2 short sentences per paragraph. This isn’t technical writing. It needs to be easily consumed and scanned by the eye on a small screen.

I would double-space the font and increase the font size to 18px or 20px.

Pick a focus color and highlight and/or bold keywords to help direct the reader’s attention.

Embedded Elements: Add an embedded video. Either your own or one you like from YouTube.

Understanding Search Intent Before Creating Your Article


Search Intent: Understand who is searching the keyword and why are they searching this? “What is the best bedside commode to buy after knee surgery?” The search intent is to find the best commode to buy after a specific condition. Answer the question which is the best, why is it the best, and where can I buy it.

Where can I buy a bedside commode today? Search intent is to find stores that stock bedside commodes, pricing comparisons, maybe return policies.

Can I return a bedside commode if it is unused?

The questions you answer are great but dive deeper into the real questions people might not even be thinking of yet.

How can I sterilize a bedside commode? It is dishwasher safe 🙂

How can I keep the bedside commode from smelling? Can I Febreeze the bedside commode? How do I keep my kids from touching a bedside commode? What happens if my dog drinks out of my bedside commode?

Then maybe some fun stuff like a photo of a bedside commode being used as a cooler with beer or food in it. If you do Pinterest then you can turn these into Pins.


How to use Google’s People Also Ask Feature


Below is a screenshot of Google’s People Also Ask feature. If you click on one of the questions it will expand and two or three more questions will show up below.

Highly Profitable Blog Posts Google's People Also Ask

Use LinkBait to Get Backlinks


Linkbait is a term I originally learn about from creator Jon Dykstra.

It is a strategy he uses to get other sites to naturally backlink to your post or site.

The strategy is simple. First, you create an infographic or illustration worth stealing. Then when another site owner wants to use your image they will hopefully steal it and backlink to your site.

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