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Hi, my name is Anthony Maritato, PT, but please call me Tony.

I have been a licensed physical therapist since 2006 and physical therapy private practice owner since 2002. Welcome to my site.

Anthony Maritato PT Physical Therapist

When did I become a licensed physical therapist?

I first learned about physical therapy in 2000 while I was on an internship for my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Pennsylvania State University.

My internship was at a local YMCA and there was a hospital owned outpatient clinic in the YMCA. My mother developed frozen shoulder and was recieving treatment in this clinic.

I started doing some of my internship hours at the outpatient physical therapy clinic when I fell in love with the profession. Realizing that I could do more than just help an athlete run faster or jump higher became my obsession.

When did you realize you wanted to open a physical therapy private practice?

After completing my internship and graduating from Penn State, I was hired by the hospital to work in their outpatient clinic.

Like most new graduates, I was full of ambition and big ideas. But I quickly realized that it would take months of waiting and layers of management to get any of my new ideas approved.

After working at the hospital owned outpatient clinic for 12 months I saved $10,000 and quit to open my personal training studio. 

Between the $10K I saved and $15K I borrowed from my mom I signed a lease and hung a sign for Siesta Key Personal Training.

May 2001

This was the first day of my personal training studio. This wasn’t my first business venture, but it was the start of what would later become Total Therapy Solutions LLC.

I operated that personal training studio until April 2002 when I was able to recuit a fabulous physical therapist who would later become my wife and the business partner.

April 2002

April marks the official start of Total Therapy Solutions LLC. We stared as an all cash physical therapy practice until we decided to become contracted Medicare providers. With time we eventually opened two more clinic locations and joined additional insurance networks.

August 2003

We were great at being therapists but terrible at being business owners. In 2003 I recieved an approval letter to join the Florida International University physical therapy program. 

I was commuiting between Miami, FL and Sarasota, FL, helping to keep growing our business when we realized that we need to learn how to actually work on our business instead of just in our business.

June 2006

In June of 2006 by business partner and I decided to move to Ohio, get married, and open a new clinic December 1, 2006 in Middletown, OH. By August of the next year we opened out second Ohio location and were now operating 5 clinics across two states.


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